Xtacy Fire Condom – 12 Pieces


  • Flavoured
  • Contoured
  • Ribbed & Studded
  • Great Sex
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    Fire Xtacy condom is Studded, Ribbed, contoured, and flavored to ensure intense pleasurable sex for your maximum pleasure.
    It is multi-textured, contoured, and teat-ended.  It also comes with a lubricant to ensure a pleasurable sexual experience.
    It contains active ingredients that gives a warm sensation to the woman, thus making her sexual area warm and wet to ensure that both the male and female enjoys sex.
    It is made to the highest quality standards in world accredited labs and meets the ISO 4074 specifications to prevent unplanned pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections.  Hence you can have the most enjoyable experience knowing that you are protected.
    Each pack contains 3 pieces of latex condoms.
    As a brand, Fire condoms believes that sex is an experience that is unique and special and should be enjoyed by all participants, both male and female. Hence Fire Xtacy is developed to ensure that all parties want the sexual experience.
    Using this condom, it is advised that only water-based or specific condom lubricants should be used.
    As it is often said that Fire is something that can’t be explained, it can only be experienced.  Use Fire condoms for the Intense maximum sexual experience and know that there’s nothing else quite like Fire.


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