Superlife STC30 Therapy


Superlife Stc30 is a natural dietary health supplement that is taken sublingually i.e. applied under the tongue (enabling 95% of its nutrients to be immediately absorbed).

It is plant-based food therapy. It’s a product ahead of its time that uses stem cells to manage, prevent or address several health conditions.

It is the Most powerful stem cell supplement available, sold by the leading Superlife world and Manufactured by Mibelle Group in Switzerland in Anti-Aging & Regenerative Clinics and Specialized GMP facilities. Superlife Product is approved by several international bodies around the world international bodies and approved in over 45 countries.

Superlife Stc30 activates your own adult stem cells naturally and provides robust immunity. With 50 to 70 trillion cells in our body, cellular health is crucial to our overall well-being and good health.

Each pack contains a 15days supply which is 15sachet. A month’s supply will be 2 boxes of stc30. The recommended dosage is one sachet a day and at least a 1-month dosage for optimum result. .


The Super Life STC30 (Superlife Total Care) prides itself on the origin of stem cells in the treatment and prevention of diseases. Super Life STC30 has a myriad of ingredients that helps to boost one’s health.


100% clinically proven safe and effective. You can see the result within a matter of days.100% Swiss Quality Formulation.



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    Stc30 Is The Origin Of Stem Cell In Treatment & Prevention Of Diseases. One Of The Main Characteristics Of Stem Cells Is Their Ability To Self-Renew Or Multiply While Maintaining The Potential To Develop Into Other Types Of Cells. Stem Cells Can Become Cells Of The Heart, Kidney, Liver, Bones, Skin, Brain, Muscle Etc. They Have The Ability To Become Any Cell In The Body. Superlife Stc30 Stem Cells Can Address Several Diseases Conditions

    super life Is Good For Everyone To Optimize Your Health. Whether You Are Sick Or Not, Get Superlife Product To Optimize Your Own Health. Everyone Can Take It. It Is Recommended Everyone Takes At Least Two Small Boxes Of Stc30 From Superlife In Your Lifetime For Your Own Health. For Any Health Condition Take Superlife Stc30 Product In Addition To Your Regular Medications For At Least 3 Months

    empowered To Address Several Health Condition, Superlife Stc30 Is Empowered To Address Several Health Conditions When Taken Correctly Slows Ageing Process And Promote Cell Regeneration. It Also Regulates The Intake Of Sugar And Fat, Thus Controlling Body Weight. It Strengthens Your Immune System And Protects Your Body Against Diseases

    it Rejuvenates The Body: It Gives You A New Lease Of Life, A New Strength, A New Vigor. Your Youthfulness Is Restored. You Become Energetic Again. There Are So Many Complementary Reports From All Our Clients Worldwide Looking Younger Than They Were Before And With A Sudden Boost Of Strength/Energy, Vigor & Agility.

    It Detoxifies The Body:* The First Assignment Of Stc30 In Your Body Is Detoxification Which Includes But is Not Limited To Flushing Out Accumulated Bad Blood, Water, And Other Soluble And Insoluble Toxins From The Body. That Is Why We Advise you To Drink Plenty Of Water While Using Stc30, At Least 2 Liters Of water.


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