Nubianexotics Ky Jelly Personal Lubricant -100G Roll



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    K.y jelly personal lubricant is a clear, non-greasy, and water-soluble. it is ideal for use with condoms and skin-to-skin foreplay or sex. sensual pleasure lube for unisex is a moist, colorless, odorless, and nongreasy water-based gel, that eliminates unpleasant friction and discomfort during sex and causes no irritation. it decreases vaginal dryness, moisturizes it, and eases any discomfort, making sex life exciting, and fun, and giving you the maximum pleasure you need. specifications key features reduce pain, discomfort, and unpleasant friction during sex. keep vaginal moist, soft, and wet. odorless and easy to clean up. improves your sexual life and makes it more fun and exciting. cause no harm/irritation. sweeter & more fun lovingly enjoyable


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