Durex Condoms-Performa-12 pieces


  • The main ingredients of Durex Performa are natural latex and benzocaine
  • Designed for longer-lasting lovemaking
  • Does not irritate the skin
  • Easy and safe to wear
  • Pretty thin and will not interrupt your sex
  • Prolongs the blissful pleasure of sex and brings you satisfaction
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    A lot of men realize that wearing a condom during sex can delay their climax. And Durex Performa is a pretty good choice. It is designed for longer-lasting lovemaking. With a Performa condom, you’ll have a prolonged erection!
    Durex Performa condoms contain suspending agent benzocaine which effectively prolongs the duration of sex for more enjoyment. The reservoir tip of Durex Performa contains benzocaine to prolong ejaculation, which is designed for men to last longer. In addition, this condom has a lubricated seminal vesicle with non-spermicidal lubricant which causes no harm to sperm. Benzocaine is a safe chemical approved by state competent body. It is a great help to have longer intercourse! And it will not harm your health!
    Durex Performa condom is also made of natural latex. It does not irritate the skin and is easy and safe to wear. Also, it is pretty thin and will not interrupt your sex. It will prolong the blissful pleasure and bring you satisfaction

    This product is specially shaped and transparent with a pleasant scent.
    Performa condom is applicable to all adult men. If you have average endurance (that is, after insertion, you still need a while to ejaculate), you can use it to boost your performance. If you’re troubled by premature ejaculation but it’s not severe enough to consult a doctor, you can use a Performa condom to adjust your pace and slowly pull yourself on track.
    Every Performa condom has 6 to 8 mg of benzocaine. Couples can choose different specifications according to their needs.


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