Digital Baby Weighing Scale





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    • Smart Design-Easy to use and easy to pack it in small size you can measure the weight of a small pet at home and record for its growth. Accurate Measurement-This digital pet scale can measure weight (Max : 22lbs), minimum division: about 1g Unit, g/ml/oz/1b.oz can be switched.LCD Display-The digital LCD display is white backlight and size (40 * 18mm), making it easy to read clearly even in dark. Free Tray For Easy Clean-High-grade ABS environmental protection materials. This scale is suitable for only newborn pets or small pets, body length or front and rear leg spacing of about 20CM (8 INCH). Because the minimum reading of this scale is 1G (Very Accurate). If the pet exceeds the size of the weighing pan, please put the pet in an appliance and weigh it. Multi-Function Weighing Scale-This weighing scale can measure weight of small animal, cats, puppies, can also be used for other purposes such as the kitchen, with a tray, easy-to-use, multi-purpose scale.


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